About Us

Our mission is to construct a community network of residents, organizations, expert services and city administration that collaborates on inventive and innovative community tasks. Our aim is to own entertaining, create community associations and broaden our resources, so all Omo Odua can contribute to improving its top quality of daily life and feeling of staying.


Enables members of the community to formally or informally broadcast, talk about and assess a big selection of concerns appropriate to their perform, Instruction && Life style. Accelerates growth actions and conclusion-doing. Improves life good quality by capturing “life threatening issues” directly in the context of messaging by means of FB,BB or SMS and also to obviously talk concerns and route for resolution.


We're searching for people to be part of our community, to make entertaining, communal activities and things to do inside the neighborhood. The target is to make a pleasant atmosphere among customers, doing the neighborhood safer and more enjoyable.


By obtaining members with the community network lively in our neighborhood as well as the community, we offer a crucial hyperlink involving neighbors and associates in the community. The communication that flows inside the community will allow us to generally be extra informed and responsive for the desires of Omo Odua, and will give us the potential to collaborate on acquiring and implementing answers that increase our excellent of living.


Omo Odua desire to preserve and enhance an established yoruba neighborhood, whilst promoting compatible progress of opportunities, Ideas to assist re-form each day catastrophe that befalls the Person's Issue. The Omo Odua envision a potential that accommodates enhancements and new improvement within a manner that maintains a business enterprise character, Philanthropy amongst Omo Odua, relaxed lifestyle of your established neighborhood and respects current Strategies or community character components. General public and personal improvements must be effectively deliberate and developed, such that infill and new advancement serve to strengthen and unify Omo Odua.

The discussion board combine of concept makes use of, which include a range of networking, Residential and Get-together distinguishes the discussion board from its surrounding areas.

Even though enhancements to your discussion board will ensure that the pursuits and impacts of Subscribers with the discussion board, Community and exclusive troubles are better accommodated and managed, retaining the community’s diversity of thought uses will assure which the community’s character will not be lost.


Generating a Interpersonal community system these kinds of that Omo Odua may help one another in way an individual in Sokoto, Calabar or Enugu, seeking Task transfer facts in Lagos or Abuja can get sufficient info thru this medium.

Copy and Previous any Job Advertisement, both dwelling and abroad to help subscribers in the community.


Shorter time housing accommodation for Omo Odua need to proceed to co-exist between members prepared to relocate to another city or express offered there exists employment opportunity from the new place. Also, adequate information about housing ought to be presented in order that spot staff can stay inside of shut proximity to their careers.


Meetings among users with the discussion board really should proceed to co-exist, communal meetings,celebration, business enterprise and major intent would be to talk about how to help you the other or re-solve issues.


"There is certainly Importance in Folks who have the ability to change issues".
Communities have the capability to succeed

1. Omo Odua are linked to the other.
2. New member of the community has an id and a clear vision of what it would like to generally be.
3. Subscribers can come with each other to talk about and solve difficulties.
four. The community has possibilities and spots to gather and celebrate.
5. Large stages of civic engagement may possibly or may not co-exist.
6. Community customers have the abilities and knowledge necessary to realize individual development and satisfaction and contribute to your Forum

- Communities are welcoming to all and community subscribers support and proper care for a single an additional
1. Associates presume accountability for a person an additional and be certain that all are nourished, sheltered, protected, and cared for.
2. All community customers are respected and respectful.
3. The community’s little ones are living in the safe, supportive natural environment and employ a balanced begin, ongoing relationships with caring adults, a substantial-top quality training, and possibilities for meaningful get the job done – together with services to their community.

- Communities are sustainable
1. Community thrives economically.
2. Community provide work opportunities with doing work conditions which might be safe and respectful, and that make it possible for people today to care and provide for on their own and their families.
3. Doing work School and community needs to be recognized as interdependent.
4. Arts,Cultures and humanities flourish.


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