Tuesday, September 30, 2014

B()oty War: Kim Kardashian, Vera Sidika, Maheeda, Nicki Minaj... Who Wins? [Photos]

It's a b()oty war in here folks!
We have one-woman armies led by Kim Kardashian, Vera Sidika, Maheeda and Nicki Minaj who are all wielding famous weapons.
We love to see them shake.
Today, we crown one of them as the Queen of B0oty...

  1. Kim Kardashian's famous b0oty was on display at the  Montaigne Market in Paris, France at the weekend... the big onion b0oty, packaged in a sexy tube dress that left nothing to the imagination.
  2. Maheeda, naughty as she is, owns a gorgeous body, especially when you look at the double-B — b0oty and b0obs.
  3. Vera Sidika is one helluva piece of work, her voluptuous behind can cause a standstill or worse, a pile-up on a busy road.
  4. Nicki Minaj's jugs and curvy b0oty can cause on your crotch would cause more commotion than an anaconda in your pants.
Who is your Queen of B0oty?

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