Monday, September 15, 2014

Photos: Selena Gomez Cheats On Bieber @Wild Vegas Pool Party

Selena Gomez hit up a wild pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas over the weekend with a few of her more attractive friends.

As you will see, after pissing in the pool Selena Gomez and friends posed for a photo in their bikinis. Girls then proceeded to examine the photo and took turns remarking how “hot” and “s3xy” they look, so as  to elicit assurances and compliments from the remaining group.
After drinking for a time and watching her friend in the blue bikini get all the eye from the people at the party, Selena finally struck up a discussion with the pool boy one Paco Ramirez (pictured below).

Selena and Paco hit it off instantly. Actually they'd so much in common which they finished up talking all night about most of Selena's favorite topics including tacos, picking lettuce, deck construction, enchiladas, and the intricacies of selling oranges on a freeway exit ramp. Paco and Selena then made a hasty retreat to the hotel's employee housing unit, and weren't seen again before the next morning when Paco shared the photo below along with his amigos.
Clearly Selena Gomez has committed the best betrayal against her longtime boyfriend Justin Bieber, for Selena has violated Justin's trust by going behind his back and doing it with a stranger without his  consent or present to watch and then suck the creampie out of her lady. Justin Bieber may never forgive Selena for this.

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